Monday, February 1, 2010

...extend the life of the bloom our studio this weekend we had the most beautiful and fragrant potted hyacinths in full bloom.

Today I have noticed that some of the blooms are bending way over - from the heavy blossom and it reminded me of a tip!!!

This is exactly the right time to cut the flowers - as long a stem as you can! (right back to the bulb) - and place the cut flowers in a vase (room temperature water) - to extend the life of the bloom!!
.....who knew ?

Left on the plant - they continue their life cycle - which of course includes withering and making seeds (let's just call a garden spade a garden spade - the thing is dying!!!)

But as a cut flower - it can last another week !

So instead of developing some crazy system to hold up the flowers with a home made splint - ribbon or string - that always looks silly...

Be brave - get out your garden scissors - and cut those babies off !

Enjoy them in your favourite vase instead !

there's a video you might like to see

and scroll down to "Seven Garden Gadgets"