Sunday, March 11, 2012


My Grandfather had a potting shed. It was beautiful. It had walls of old wood, exposed brick & stone with a gravel floor. Hanging in the rafters, tied up with twine were Peonies, Lavender, Ladies Mantle & Herbs – drying, to be enjoyed on a winter’s day.

It was organized in a dishevelled sort-of-way, with old tools, watering cans, wooden flats and weathered terra cotta.
In his shed he whistled Broadway tunes while he seeded & transplanted. In summer his buckets overflowed with cut flowers and in autumn with bulbs. And then came the harvest: squashes, pumpkins, beets and the like.

This most surely inspired our Sheds – where we create beautiful wedding florals, offer workshops and display for sale our garden treasures, decoratives & antiques.
I think Granddad would approve.